High Speed Monitors

Top of the line monitors making sure you never miss a restock. Supporting hundreds of popular sites such as Shopify, Nike SNKRS, Supreme, Adidas, Off-White, Frenzy, Twitter, and more

Custom Release Guides

Stop wasting time searching for info. Sitelists, Early Links, Guides, and Methods are posted for every release posted in organized channels, making sure you are ready for every release.

Free Slots and Carts

Free slots and carts are provided for nearly every release. You'll never have to worry about missing a release again.


An exclusive marketplace with free middleman services is offered for all members. In addition to this, we offer exclusive group buys and partnerships with some of the top names in the community!

More to come!

We are constantly working to be the best group out there. New features are added daily! Join now and get ready to succeed!

Why us?

If you want to flip some sneakers and make some extra cash, you have found the right place. We are a family dedicated to helping you cop exclusive items, whether that be a pair of Yeezys, Supreme Box Logo, Limited Gaming Mouse, or even a box of Travis Scott Cereal, we've got you covered. We value quality, and we will make sure you have the best experience possible. We take the time to help you with any questions you may have including one on one support with of our staff members! We genuinely care for each and everyone of our members and make sure they all succeed!

What do we provide?

We provide a wide variety of features ranging from fast monitors, to exclusive group buys. Whether you are in it for the money, or just trying to get that grail you want for retail, we will make it happen. Whatever you are interested in, we will have you covered. Check out the features tab to learn more about what we offer!

How do i join?

If you would like to join, follow and turn on notifications for our twitter, @SteadySole! We don't restock very often, so if you get the chance to purchase, don't let it get by you. Don't hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions or concerns!

How much does this cost?

A 30 day membership retails at $25. Very limited lifetime memberships retail at $150! These lifetime memberships do not come by very often due to us wanting to keep them limited, however monthly copies go on sale frequently so this is your best chance of joining!

I'm relatively brand new to what the sneaker/streetwear culture has become. There's a lot of information out there and it could be overwhelming to take in. I came across Steady Soles discord by recommendation of YouTuber BotterBoyNova. Steady Soles was within my budget when it came to subscription prices, considering other investments, but the relatively low price comes with plenty of information. Not to mention it proved to be a crash course in discord, as there was just too much coming my way. As I digested what I actually need, Steady Soles is proving to be a useful knowledge base. I look forward to using Steady Soles when it comes to copping that heat.



Steady Soles is the first cook group I joined, and they put me on game real quick. I was a noobie and within a day I learned more about sneaker releases, copping, reselling and just general info about the streetwear community than I ever had. Among all this info and opportunities, there is an insane amount of features in this server to help you go from 0-100. Monitors on almost every important sneaker drop site, sitelists about upcoming drops and raffles, doordash deals, the lists goes on and on. If you are completely new to this this is 100% the place to go, and if you're not then you're missing on big information you need.



My first ever cook group, they helped me out a lot in getting into botting. Friendly staff and members, very useful and user friendly. Fast and quick news for any sneaker drop, with low price for a great cookgroup! Highly recommend!!



Steady Soles goes above and beyond to make sure members hit on releases, they never fail to provide.